Curriculum vitae


Doctorate of Chemical Sciences (Ph.D.), University of Ljubljana, 1984.

M. S. Faculty of  Nat. Sci. & Techn., University of Ljubljana, 1979.

Diploma in Chemistry (B.S.), University of Ljubljana, 1975.

Professional Positions

University of Ljubljana, Department of Chemistry

Professor of Analytical Chemistry, 1996 – 2012

Associate Professor, 1990 – 1995

Assistant Professor, 1985 – 1989

Laboratory for Physical and Analytical Chemistry, Nuclear Research Centre (KFA), Juelich, Germany

Visiting Scientist, 1979-1980            


Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry, FCCT, UL, 1991-1995

Principal Investigator, 1993- 2012

Editorial Board, Acta Chimica Slovenica (formerly Vestn.Slov.Kem.Drus.), 1987 -

IUPAC, National Representative, Commision on Electroanalytical Chemistry  (V.5),1994 - 2001

Courses taught

Fundamentals of analytical chemistry, Instrumental analysis, Automated analysis, Electroanalytical methods of analysis.

Research Interests

Chemical Analysis: Amperometric, polarographic and anodic stripping methods, interactions of heavy metals between water and sediment, trace elements in ancient alloys, determination of cyanides by amperometric flow-through electrode, toxic effects of cyanides on marine organisms, voltammetric determination of trace elements in waste waters, determination of nickel, cobalt and palladium by adsorptive stripping voltammetry, voltammeric determination of surfactants, trace elements in food, waters and high-tech materials (uranium), determination of mercury by could vapour atomic absorption spectrometry, flow-injection analysis and separations in continuous flow system, photochemical decomposition of cyanide complexes, electrochemical sensors, separations in ion chromatography, HPLC and electrophoresis.

Bioelectroanalytical chemistry: Electrochemical labelling of pharmaceuticals and enzymes with 99mTc and 131I, effects of the electrical stimulation on the corrosion processes of implants.

Electrochemistry: mechanism of electrode processes, electrochemical reduction of technetium(VII), reduction of nitrate on copper electrodes, electrochemical reduction of nickel(II) and palladium (II) in the presence of dimethylglioxime, electrochemical synthesis of pyridine derivatives, electrochemical characterisation of lithium-boron alloys, mechanism of the electrodeposition of copper from alkaline solutions, spectroelectrochemical investigation of electrochromic films, mechanism of the oxidative depolimerization of cellulose.

Electronics and instrumentation: construction and automatisation of electrochemical instruments, e.g., potentiostats, polarographs, automated cyanide analyser.


1986      Boris Kidrič foundation award for inovations

1989      Boris Kidrič foundation award for inovations

2002      Zois award for highest achievements in chemistry