Research/Raziskovalno delo

Research at Department of Analytical Chemistry, UL, is currently focused on the fields such as: chromatography and mass spectrometry, AAS and ICP spectrometry, environmental analysis (water, air), electrochemical techniques and automatisation and paper research (degradation, conservation). My research interests are:

  • Electroanalytical techniques and automation: voltammetric and anodic stripping techniques (trace elements in waters, biological materials, food), adsorptive stripping voltammetry (determination of nickel, cobalt and palladium), amperometric determination of cyanides by flow-through electrode (speciation of cyanides, photochemical decomposition of cyanide complexes), automatisation (continuous flow and flow-injection analysis) and separations in continuous flow systems, separations in ion chromatography, HPLC (dialysis) and electrophoresis.
  • Electrochemistry: mechanism of electrode processes (reduction of nitrate on copper electrodes, electrochemical reduction of nickel(II) and palladium (II) dimethylglioximates, electrodeposition of copper from alkaline solutions), spectroelectrochemical investigation of electrochromic films, mechanism of the oxidative depolimerization of cellulose, developement of micro-pH sensors, investigation of UPD and SAM's.

Research Projects


Research and development of analytical methods and procedures (P1-153)


5th Framework Programme: Papylum-Chemiluminiscence-a novel tool in paper conservation studies


Recent publications can be found here, and detailed bibliographic data of BP are available in the  COBISS database (04323-Boris Pihlar).